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Meet Our Training Staff


Daniel Stevens- Certified Dog Trainer and Owner


Daniel Stevens loves animals with all his heart, mind and soul. He has two dogs, named Trixie and Fluffy, and two birds which he loves. He graduated from Penn Foster as a dog trainer and obedience instructor. He will do anything to help animals and their owners. He has loved every minute of owning Stevens Dog Training, which he opened April 4, 2014. He decided to open a business to help animals because of his love for animals and his desire to help all dogs by providing affordable dog training. Daniel learns more every day, even after graduating college and training dogs for many years. That's what keeps him going and happy. Daniel Stevens is also Certified Veterinary Assistant he will be happy to help you and your pet with animal health issues.


Jennifer Stevens- Advertiser and Owner


Jennifer Stevens also loves animals. Living with her brother, Daniel, she shares the pets: Trixie, Fluffy and the birds. She is the advertiser and co-owner for Stevens Dog Training and loves to do it. That's what keeps her happy! She grew up in West Jordan, Utah and takes care of her pets. "They are like our family," she says. Now, sharing ownership of Stevens Dog Training, she is keeping it going!


Gary Stevens- Accountant and Owner


Gary Stevens has two dogs named Tiana and Bandit. He is the accountant for Stevens Dog Training, handling money all the time to keep us open. His love for his dogs shows through his message: "all dogs are like family members - take care of them like family." This dog training business is what keeps them together and moving forward each day, working with dogs and animals.



Thanks for choosing Stevens Dog Training, where pets are like family.

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