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"Stevens dog training is wonderful! In the time they worked with my puppy, they taught her how to sit, lie down, stay, heal, and helped with her potty issues. They know their stuff! They are willing to work with you and help you out with your needs. Thank you guys for the great experience!"


-Lauren Moir




"I loved Stevens Dog Training I think they are the best Dog Trainers In Utah I have a pit bull and they trained it to go to the bathroom on a potty pad and no barking all kinds of tricks and I had another Dog who I wanted them to train it to be a service dog and they did that as well they recommend what type of dogs etc. and what I should do to not un teach it I would recommend them to anyone I know and to you [guys] as well Thanks Stevens Dog Training for everything you did for me and my wonderful dogs."


-Jani Smith




"They helped me with my dogs potty issues even when i just paid for a consultation they are really helpful thanks guess you are the best."


-Amy Kensworthy




'Stevens dog training came to my house and was great they helped my dog to sit, down, lay over and even trained him not to be aggressive within the time thanks guys you are the best.'


- Eric Martinez

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