Our mission

We believe in positive reinforced dog training. When we opened in April 2014, our mission was to help every dog become a well behaved member of their forever families. Our training helps to keep more dogs out of shelters and keep families connected with their companions on a personable level. At Stevens Dog Training, we treat pets like family because that is exactly what they are … family.

This business started with a boy’s dream. His dream was to work with animals. He desired to help them on a level that not many owners could. His name is Daniel Stevens and as one of the owners of Stevens Dog Training, he has also had a desire to help animals in shelters as well as stay out of shelters. The staff at Stevens Dog Training are second to none and are fully committed to helping your companion become loyal, lovable, and trained in any way you need them to be.

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Daniel Stevens

Certified Dog Trainer and Owner

Daniel Stevens loves animals with all his heart, mind and soul. He has a dog name Rudy and two birds which he adores. He graduated from Penn Foster as a dog trainer and obedience instructor. He is willing to do anything to help animals and their owners. He has loved every minute of owning Stevens Dog Training, which he opened April 4, 2014. He decided to open a business that helped animals and owners come together as true companions. His love for animals drives him to excel in providing owners with affordable and accountable services for their beloved pets. Daniel continues to learn every day about animals, even after graduating college and training dogs for many years. That’s what drives his happiness and motive to excel in providing the BEST service. Daniel Stevens is also a Certified Veterinary Assistant and he would be happy to help you and your pet with animal health issues and provide the best advice for your situation.

Jennifer Stevens

Advertiser and Owner

Jennifer Stevens also loves animals. She has three dogs named Trixie, Fluffy, and Daisy. Jennifer also happens to be the advertiser and co-owner for Stevens Dog Training. She grew up in West Jordan, Utah and takes wonderful care of her pets. “They are like our family,” she says. Jennifer keeps the cogwheels turning for Stevens Dog Training through advertising and a little bit of marketing. She promotes everything we have to offer so pet lovers, such as yourself, don’t miss out on anything!

Paige Stratford

Certified Dog Trainer

Paige has a dog name Severus, Who she loves more than anything. She got into training dogs since she loves dogs/Animals she is excited to get started training to help our clients to have a better behaved dog/Family member. She started working for Stevens Dog Training in 2019. We are glad to welcome Paige to the Stevens Dog Training family. Paige will be Stevens Dog Training Utah County area dog trainer.

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